Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Single Mama Hustle

At the end of my day Diego is in bed with dirty toes listening to Flamenco music I bought when I was in Spain. There is a calm quiet in this house now and there is still light from the day.

I don't know how these women do it alone; the ones who have four children, little family in the area, depression, heart break etc. I honestly don't know how they do...but I know they do and they are doing it now.

Today a friend of mine, who is married, helped with Diego. I took the boys to the park and returned to her house. She fed us and the boys played outside while their Papa was rebuilding the back yard.

My friend offered to watch Diego while I took a long nap upstairs. I jumped at the opportunity and was so thankful. I wandered up the old stair case and crawled into a warm bed that reminded me of beach house tucked away in the woods. I could hear the kids and then I heard, "Diego please don't hit Chase," and I thought "hell, mama is not getting a nap." I tuned out the loud "boy play" and finally fell asleep. It was so peaceful and wonderful. When I woke up I felt so refreshed and was ready for some more mama madness.

The boys just keep going and going and going and going. Forget the coloring and arts and crafts dream of mine. Diego wants to fight and kill and investigate insects, torture cats and hang food above dogs heads. He wants to run and play baseball, soccer, football, scooter, ninjas, knights. He wants to sprint with me to the end of the Universe, then he'd like a banana and he's ready to do it all over again.

At some point during the day I lost my shizzle, but very mildly :). My friend and I kept our cool for the most part and wondered if maybe our children are really DEAF and perhaps we should make an appointment first thing Monday morning (ha ha ha).

We talked about the whooping cough and nutrition. I cleaned a bloody elbow and a knee, applied Neosporin and one spider-man band aid. I ran a race with Diego (he won), I think I called his name about $10,000 times, I said mother of god under my breath, I listened to Usher's Climax song, I beat six eggs, made some salad dressing and I had a PB&J (on whole wheat thank you very much and only half a sandwich).

Today was wonderful....thanks to my baby boy and our good friends that help keep Diego and I sane. It take a village they say and I believe it does.

Thank you Lara, Chris, Caden and Chase for a wonderful Saturday! <3 from the bottom of my Fart....I mean Heart.... Happy Saturday! It's 7:56pm, my gas is lethal and I'm ready for bed!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Tighest hold I've ever felt in my Life

She said, "Leah, just wait and he will come. Focus on you and D and find your hapiness." He said, "fill those holes in you that you want others to fill, the ones they can't fill. The ones only YOU can fill."

Heart. Hands. Tears. Hope. Walk Forward. Keep Going...