Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Williams and DIY

I love Goodwill con una pasión (ay de mi). Aside from all the madness, treasures and one of a kinds you can find, Goodwill offers job training and so many other wonderful services. I had a night off tonight from my second job as a madre. Given my crazy mad day at work, I needed to relax and I needed to FREE my mind.

After work I drove straight to Good Williams and scanned the men's tee shirt section for beautiful colored tee's so I could make my own DIY recycled scarf! HOLLER. And...I DID IT.

Creating is my outlet and love. Here's to you Goodwill for your lovely recycled tee shirts and to the wonderful opportunities you make available to the people of the world....XOOX Leah P.

Goodwill Opportunities and Job Training

DIY Tee Shirt Scarf OMG-make one for a friend, or your granny or your pie maker or for Kent HAY. He loves recycled items.

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