Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Hopeless Place

Have you ever been in that place? that state of mind where everything is kind of blah and you wonder if this is how you will always live. Or maybe you are content or have accepted the fact that you may never meet someone that really gets you: your craziness, your madness, your passion, your heart, your silliness, your giggles, your childhood wounds that live inside of you; that have made you who you are.

If you don't already know me I'm a bit crazy...some say extreme. I love hard. My soul is heavy. I constantly think and create art in my mind. I am inspired by everything. I love people. Even the darkest of people can teach me something...I can find something beautiful in a dark soul whose heart was taken from him at age 2. He is now 50 and he is still fighting for his heart.

I was at that place for a while in my life. Then something happened. Everything changed. And once again, I will never be the same.

We go through stages in our lives. We meet people, we have journeys, we fall in love, we give birth, we endure pain and suffering and other time we find peace.

I am finding more peace each day.

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