Monday, April 30, 2012

Cherry Blossom Petals...

Cherry Blossom petals filled the air and the ground of Ballard this morning.
Everything was a light shade of pink.
As the wind twirled, I remembered a Vietnamese girl once told me that the wind is not good luck
for it holds spirits...
The wind twirled and whipped and each petal was like an emotion, every day I've lived, every step I've taken in this life, every person I've met, every kiss I've ever given (that's a hell of a lot of kisses ay de mi)...
While the wind whipped, I see the ground was the color of light pink cotton candy and I think of Shelby.
I imagined that she was there taking pictures...and I was standing there outside in the cold wind under a hair blowing, covering my face, whipping, twirling and beautiful.
Snap snap snap snap...
(I didn't take the picture....but you get the Gist).

1 comment:

  1. this is so so sweet . love this photo and these words. thank you for making my korean day even better. xx