Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Love Day. Amor. Paz. El derecho de Votar.

"Let's wait for the snow
to bury us in silence,
to freeze all that aches." -Tyler Knott

I sit alone with my heart.
Bahn Mi with tofu.
I hear
the Pitter patter of my Soul.
His words-Tyler Knott-They have changed my world.
Echos of little D's voice make me smirk.
Cilantro and pickled carrots.
Monday nights and one painted nail...I sit and write.
Dreams of making Epic documentaries with Spike Lee and also winning the lottery.
One Soul dies and another is born (my uncle passed today at 1:38pm).
And I wonder if the dead can hear us and see what we do behind closed doors? I always wonder that.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Do you know anything about it? I learn more about it every day.
I want bird tattoos and words to cover my body,
I'm not ready yet.
I want to wear teal heels and wear ruffles of all kinds.
I dream of
It lives inside me and sometimes I can't draw or write or explain it.
it's a beautiful barbed wire fence-I keep climbing
over and over again.
Monday Love Day.
I saw my Iranian love last night.
I fluffed his curls, kissed his nose and pushed his glasses back to correct position.
I don't have the blues today.
I'm blessed and exhausted.
My world is brighter every day.
You got Love?

"Blend and bleed and spill and stain. I am watching, I am waiting, and I see. Let it drip, and when it does let it land on me. You know, you will always know when it’s color my life needs."

Orange and Blue and Purple and Black and Yellow Sunset (by TylerKnott)

"A slice of life and a stolen moment. These boots fit some feet and those feet belong to some legs and those legs belong to a body and that body has been carried by them to places I cannot even imagine. What streets have those soles seen, what fingers find the holes to pull them up? I wonder what secrets you’d spin if speak you could, I wonder what stories, I wonder what dreams and broken promises, I wonder which were kept?"

Boots & Ceramics Still Life (by TylerKnott)

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